Tony King

Tony King studied at Stanford in the 1960's then moved to New York and began his career as an abstract painter. In the 1980s King began painting more landscapes. by 1992, when he and his family moved back to Northern California he had become a landscape painter.

Tony King is a nationally recognized artist whose work is included in and exhibited by major museums and collections. After studying at Stanford in the 1960's, King moved to New York and began his career as an abdstract painter. King's then occasional activity of painting landscapes evolved into a primary theme by 1982. In 1992, after living and working in New York for over 20 years, he and his family moved to Northern California.

Comenting on the results of King's labor, essayist John FitzGibbon said, "The brush takes its time, but the brush thinks. King's paintings from whatever period have a trick of staring back at you; they are permanent mirrors of the dogged concentration that went into them."

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