Susan Rios

Susan Rios focuses on serene setting and gentle harmonies- soft inviting rooms, lush floral gardens, and quiet seas that invoke tranquility. Her distinctive style draws the viewer into the painting to enjoy the love and peace depicted there, uplifting the spirit both visually and emotionally. Each piece looks as thou Susan has invited us into a private place and allowed us to partake of the scene.

" There are stories in most of my painting, and often, the piece will speak of what is going on in my own inner world. I add elements to complete the memory of the dream or the moment. People say that there is something that feels familiar when they see my work. I think that maybe they are responding to the emotion a painting will invoke and there is a familiarity about that."

The physical environments in Susan Rios' work emanate life-affirming values that appeal directly to our hearts and minds, giving them the power to set us dreaming. Her barely perceptible brush work, contemporary hues and delicate detail bring to life intensely introspective paintings which reveal a strong bond between the artist and her audience. Her blend of illustrative realism and impressionism allows her to portray the scenes, objects and moods which are meant to trigger the imagination of the viewer. She finds inspiration from the plein air painting and serenity of Claude Monet, the colors of Henri Matisse and the decorative patterning and precise attention to detail of Gustav Klimpt.

Rios' work recalls the paintings of the seventeenth-century Dutch artist Vermeer, who similarly delighted in depicting richly patterned oriental rugs, colorful tablecloth, vivid tiles, and lush drapery.

As with Rios' work today, Vermeer's realistic scenes were thus given an abstract, architectural edge. Yet with both artists, fascination with pattern never springs from purely decorative intent; the care and attention lavished on intricate details invest them with a dramatic and emotional value that enhances the overall thematic concerns.

The abstract element provided by Rios' use of pattern is complemented by the shifting perspective evident in much of her work. Planes of space often seem to shift in a Rios painting; objects within a single scene may be shown from varying vantage points.

Rios' fluid perspective lends her images a dreamy quality that hints of surrealism. The scenes depicted in Rios' paintings seem to exist in glass-bubble worlds where the laws of realism work side by side with the play of the imagination.

Susan Riosí ability to evoke familiar feelings through her paintings is the hallmark of her work. A nationally renowned artist, Susan works with a palette of soft, warm colors, inviting viewers to step into a world where one tranquil moment can last an eternity.

Largely self-taught, Susanís artistic potential was apparent even as a child. Her love of the outdoors inspired her to begin drawing scenes from nature. Today, she continues to find inspiration in the gentle-hearted beauty of everyday life.

Susanís surroundings are reminiscent of the images she paints. Working from her home-based studio in Glendale, Ca, many aspects of her world are subjects in her paintings - daughter Olivia, granddaughter Rosie, her cats and countless collectibles.

A painter of feelings and emotions, Susan creates familiar scenes that exude peace, harmony and romance. Images of cozy interiors, lush floral gardens and soothing seashores uplift the senses and the spirit.

When painting, she devotes herself to one image at a time. The close relationship she develops with each painting radiates from the canvas, evoking a sense of emotional closeness and intimacy that distinguishes her work from other contemporary artists.

She prefers working with acrylics because they dry quickly, allowing her to catch a little moment in time and then share it with others.

A professional artist for more than 25 years, Susan spent the early years of her career working as a floral designer. She soon discovered that blending flowers was similar to mixing colors on a palette. To this day, flowers are an ever-present motif in many of her paintings, as are other "favorite things" - wicker chairs, love seats draped with afghans, intricate bits of lace, china cups and teapots.

An active participant in causes that touch her heart, Susan devotedly supports charities and nationwide organizations, including the Los Angeles Childrenís Hospital, Saddleback Community Outreach (Orange County), Taylor Family Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation and The Ronald McDonald House of Orange County.

Over the last quarter-century, Susanís work has attracted the attention of many noted collectors and celebrities who have added her paintings to their private collection such as Jane Seymour, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Dern, Priscilla Presley, Phyllis George, Ann Gillian, Sandy Duncan, Shelley Fabres, Andre Agassi, Mr. & Mrs. Brian Wilson and Mr. & Mrs. Walter Mathau.

The timeless, enduring beauty of her work continues to garner attention from art enthusiasts, young and old alike. The emotional impact of her paintings however, is the most important element. As an artist, she says, that is her true reward.


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